Yes, we love our dogs and they pretty much run the house.  In fact, they get away with way more stuff than the human kids ever did.

Lilly - Born August 24, 2017.  Lilly cam to live with us 12/18/2017.  She is an unregistered Australian Shepherd. 

Dexter - Born June 2016.  Dexter came to live with us 9/5/2016.  He is a unregistered Chocolate lab.  He has proven to be a very intelligent dog that knows what he wants and figures out how to get it no matter what.

Ella - Born 8/9/2005.  Ella is a cross between a Saint Bernard and what our vet believe to be a Bassett Hound and was rescued via Saint Bernard Rescue.  She is a protector and when the weather is good, spends much of her time out in the backyard, surveying all that she can see.  Ella is always willing to alert when something is not as she feels it should be.  Interesting fact about her is that when she hears sirens, she howls.


Buddy - Born 6/6/2006.  What can we say about Buddy.  Buddy lived the first 1 1/2 years of his life tied outside to a tree.  We drove by his house pretty much every day and it pained Karen to see him sitting there staring at the house just wanting for the humans to give him attention.  Karen said she knew he was a great dog.  As it would be, December of 2007, 2 weeks before Christmas, Karen noted that buddy was living in a huge mud puddle and she could not take it anymore.  She drove in and knocked on the door and asked the owner what she would want for Karen to take the dog.  And that was it, Buddy came to live with us.  He had never been to a vet and had never been neutered.  We got all those things taken care of and the plan was that Karen was going to find him a GOOD home.  And she did, he has lived here ever since.  While he is infamous for getting into things and being an all around pain in the behind, life would not be the same without him and so he has found his forever home.