Horses (Luna and Blue)

Blue - (Spotted Draft mare)  - As of October 2017, Blue is 19 years old.

 Blue, while the queen and head of the pasture, is a big baby when she is out in public.  When riding, her favorite place to be is right behind Luna where she can tuck her head if she gets scared.  Blue is full of personality and a real lover.

Blue's Storey of how she came to live with us

Blue came to Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue, from Preston County Animal Shelter in Morgantown WV. She and her mother (Meadow) had been impounded for neglect.  Neither horse had any training.  Preston County was going to put the horses down, since no one would adopt them. A member of the Board of Directors called and asked Gentle Giants for  assistance.  Preston County actually made Gentle Giants pay the adoption fee.  Gentle Giants felt so bad for them both that they agreed and took them in.  Gentle Giants could not have them being rescued once, rehabilitaed, and then put to sleep for no reason.  Good thing, too.  After her rehabilitation, Blue came to live with us December 2009.  Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue




Luna - (Percheron mare) - As of October 2017, Luna is 18 years old.

Luna is a bit odd looking as she has an unusually long body.  But she is a lover and a great horse.  Very calm, able to be ridden by anyone and a great addition to our family.

Luna's Storey of how she came to live with us

Luna came to Gentle Giants Draft horse Rescue, from a woman named Amy Worden, who is a writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer.  She was doing a story on a huge bust of an Amish puppy mill, and went to the site.  While there, she spotted Luna and a belgian mare named Belle.  The horses were confined to a stall 24/7 and were thin, but were not neglected "enough" for animal control to take them.  Amy bought them from the Amish man in order to gain their freedom.  She intended to keep both mares and board them, since she lived in the city.  But it turns out Belle was pregnant, and she was only counting on paying board on two horses.  Luna's original name was Peppermint Patty.  She rode and drove already when she arrived at Gentle Giants.  Luna was adopted out the Spring of 2009.  Luna was returned to Gentle Giants Novmeber 2009 due to finances.  Gentle Giants knew that Luna would be a good fit for us and called me and asked if we would manage her rehabilitation.  Luna came to live with us, along with Blue, Deember 2009. Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue