Jerry the Sheep
2015 - Jerry came to live at Lind Family Farm.

Yeah, he is not a goat. We have Jennifer Watts Uttermohlen to thank for him. She and her husband took Jerry in as a bottle baby. We provided them with Goat's milk to feed him.  He needed someplace to live, so he ended up with us.  Jerry is not an ordinary sheep.  You see the Uttermohlen's raised Jerry in their home with their kids, dogs, cats and a host of other animals.  Mean, Jerry has not fears.  He will walk right in the house if we were to let him.  Jerry participates in Petting Zoos when we do them and can be seen at Winterbrook Farm in the fall.

2017 - Jerry has grown to be a very big boy.  In this photo he had just been sheered.  Something he is not really a fan of, but he allows it to be done.

A very special sheep he is.  In the fall of 2017, Jerry and some of our other animals were at Winterbrook Farms for their fall season.  There was a young boy who came with his mom to the farm. This boy had a physical disability which prevented him from reaching through the fence to pet the animals.  So I brought Jerry out to him.  Jerry stood for several minutes and allowed the young man to drape himself over Jerry's back and rub Jerry.

Jerry will remain with us for the rest of his days.